Extended warranty

All Red Goose apps come with a blanket Two Weeks No-Questions-Asked warranty.

14-days money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied just let us know and we will send your money right back. Red Goose is here to make your life easy, not harder.

However, some businesses require additional warranty period along with a possibility of developer support on a continual basis. Please get in touch with us for higher support plans and other enterprise level services.

Limited Warranty & Developer Support

Standard conformation: The Software will operate in conformity with the then current standard documentation (except for minor defects or errors not material to the core functionality of the Software under normal use and circumstances) specified on the Red Goose website for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of extension of the warranty since the initial delivery of the Software (“Warranty Period”). Developer support: In the event of non-performance or detection of defect in software as per the Red Goose specification, Red Goose shall promptly correct, repair or modify the identified defect or deviation within thirty days of a written demand. Limitations: This software warranty does not cover support for any changes, customizations or additions to the sourcecode that were made after the delivery of the initial project. Extensibility: Warranty can only be extended on products still under current warranty. Warranty can be extended only once after the initial order.

License Agreement:


License fee:

$600/- per app for 90 days from the date of extension. One-time payment.

*Other terms may apply.

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