Terms of Sale

By using the Red Goose website (https://goose.red) or its native apps you accept the following terms:

  1. You understand and agree to our Privacy Policy.
  2. You understand that these terms can be modified in future.

The Red Goose licenses sold under these terms upgrade automatically and always point to the latest licenses agreement published here on the Red Goose website.

Purchase Agreement

Licenses for the Red Goose apps are available on the https://goose.red website only. We do not sell through third party vendors.

Grant of license

A Red Goose license is valid only for the domain (url) it was purchased for. This license does not permit redistribution, copying or modification of the licensed source-code for the purpose of repackaging it for further sales or for another website, domain or subdomain(s) in the Universe.

Other terms
  1. You agree to provide us a url (website) and a logo so that we can make the app.
  2. You agree to provide us a valid email address to communicate on for the apps in question.
  3. You agree to provide us a valid Github id to receive the app when it is ready.
  4. You agree that the email, url and logo provided above cannot be changed once the build is queued and delivered.
  5. You must wait at least twenty four hours (24 hours) to receive your apps.
  6. You agree to make sure your website is responsive and functional on mobile.
  7. You agree to convert websites into apps only for the domains owned or managed by you.
  8. You understand the App Store & Play Store guidelines and their approval processes.
  9. You agree that your app license is tied to the url it was bought with.
  10. You agree that Red Goose does not analyze hyperlinks on your website.
  11. You agree to honor payment per app per website at a time.
  12. You agree and understand that discount coupons cannot be combined.
  13. You agree to use Red Goose to create apps only for the domain(s) or website(s) or trademark(s) that are owned by you or are in official capacity to represent.
  14. You agree to abide by all the App Store guidelines and Play Store policies at ALL TIMES including at the time of delivery and later on with UI swappings as well.

We do not make any exceptions to our Licenses, Terms of Sale and Privacy Agreement under any circumstances.

Refund policy
14-day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your Red Goose app just let us know and we'll send your money right back. No questions asked.