Deep linking

When deep linking is enabled, and a user clicks a link on their device matching a specified domain, the user will be prompted to open the link within your app instead of the mobile browser.

On Android, this works automatically without further configuration.

For Apple, please follow the steps described below:

  1. Create an explicit app_id on for your app's bundle_id.
  2. In your provisioning profile associated with the app_id above, add "Associated domains" under App Services.
  3. Add a configuration file on your website at /apple-app-site-association route to prove you control the referenced domain.
AASA Configuration

To enable deeplinking, add your apple-app-site-association (AASA) file at the root of your web application, like so:

   // Copy and edit the contents below for your website/app association:
     "webcredentials": {
       "apps": [
     "activitycontinuation": {
       "apps": [
     "applinks": {
       "apps": [],
       "details": [{
           "appID": "",
           "paths": [ "/*" ]

Where ABCDE12345 is the app identifier to be retrieved from apple developer portal and is bundle-identifier of your Red Goose iOS app.

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