When deep linking is enabled, and a user clicks a link on their device matching a specified domain, the user will be prompted to open the link within your app instead of the mobile browser.

iOS/iPadOS Apps

For Apple, please follow the steps described below:

  1. Create an explicit app_id on for your app's bundle_id.
  2. In your provisioning profile associated with the app_id above, add "Associated domains" under App Services.
  3. Add a configuration file on your website at /apple-app-site-association route to prove you control the referenced domain.
AASA Configuration

To enable deeplinking, add your apple-app-site-association (AASA) file at the root of your web application, like so:

   // Copy and edit the contents below for your website/app association:
     "webcredentials": {
       "apps": [
     "activitycontinuation": {
       "apps": [
     "applinks": {
       "apps": [],
       "details": [{
           "appID": "",
           "paths": [ "/*" ]

Where ABCDE12345 is the app identifier to be retrieved from apple developer portal and is bundle-identifier of your Red Goose iOS app.

Android App

On Android, deep-linking works automatically without further configuration.

License Agreement:


License fee:

$450/- per app per platform. One-time payment.

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