Red Goose


Our mission is to be the lightest and the quickest way to get you on the app stores. Your foot through the door.

Think of Red Goose as the first stable version of your app. The starting point. Version 1.0.

But the story doesn't end here…

The web today is powerful enough to be treated as the native stack of app development. There is no need to write the same business logic in three languages just to support a platform.

Besides, less code is always better.

It is possible and in all likelihood, better (think WebAssembly, ServiceWorkers/PWA, etc.) to serve one solid web-app.

The web is your friend. Let the web become the backbone of your business with Red Goose. When your business grows, your needs will advance too. You'll probably require more functionality to meet the new challenges in your business.

And turn those deep insights into real opportunities.

Simply add more modules into your Red Goose apps as necessary. Or continue controlling your app's UX/UI from your web-app, no problem. See what works best for you.

There's nothing better than building great products with tiny dev teams.

––Chris Oliver, GoRails.

I welcome you to try Red Goose for your website and would love to hear what you think about it. Feel free to write to me at or tweet at @redgooseapp.