Frequently Asked Questions

Red Goose is a rapid website → app conversion engine. Turn any website (web app) into a fully functional mobile app written in Swift or Kotlin.

Yes, Red Goose apps are ready-to-publish on the app stores as soon as you receive them. See the full list of features that are available.

All you need is a website, an app name, and a logo.

A few minutes.

The process of conversion is fully automatic and the delivery is completed via a private repository on GitHub. Depending on the traffic, or the length of the queue, it can take a few minutes or upto a few hours for your build to kickstart on our pipeline.

We try and complete all orders within the first 24 hours.

All modern stacks and databases are supported.

Having doubts? Get in touch with us for any doubts about the supported tech for your apps on the app stores,

Your application will look and behave exactly like your web app. Only without the browser UI. What this means is that you must design your web app really well and make it work like an "app" on the mobile web as much as possible.

Yes! Your web app must be responsive, at least. In general, the "appier" your mobile website is, the higher are your chances of converting it into an app successfully. We recommend taking out some time to read up the…

  1. App Store Guidelines @apple, and the…
  2. Play Store Policies @google

…to understand the desired design principles better.

☞ Intrinsic Design Report

As an experienced developer in this space we can review your web application from a design standpoint of a mobile app. Our premium Intrinsic Design Report provides deep insights and a guaranteed path towards successful conversion of your website into a mobile app.

Additionally, if you are starting on a new web app today, we recommend considering intrinsic web design instead of just responsive with a CSS framework like Toucaan.

A pre-optimized PWA will yield the best result. However, having a PWA is not an absolute must. Red Goose will convert any web app (PWA or otherwise) into a mobile app.

Once your app is approved on the app store, no further updates are required. Every change that you make on your web app will automatically reflect on mobile.

No. We do not use the TWA container for Android because it takes away the freedom to go for a full blown native app development later. Our wrapper uses Kotlin instead.

If you want the TWA, head over to our Github and grab our TWA Android Template for free!

Only once per website per app conversion, starting at…

  1. One iOS application = US $299/- only.
  2. One Android application = US $299/- only.

Purchase of a combo (both iOS and Android) is automatically discounted. See licensing page for more information.

*The prices shown above do not include the Apple Developer membership fee or the Google Play Console registration fee.

Yes, we do!

Push notifications feature is available both for iOS and Android. Here is a full-list of options that are available on the Red Goose.

Your app (both sourcecode and the license) will be delivered to you via a private Github repository and a notification will be sent to the email provided at the time of checkout.

Do not worry if this happens.

Both Apple and Google require all new apps to meet their app store guidelines. If your submission was rejected by a store, it will be done so with a reason for such a rejection(s). This is the normal process!

Simply make changes to alleviate the issues highlighted by Apple or Google and re-submit your app for approval. We recommend you to take out some time and review the app store guidelines to understand this process better:

  1. App Store Guidelines @apple.
  2. Play Store Policies @google.

Few strategic tips 👉🏻

  1. Develop your web app using any stack and database combination you like. 👍🏻
  2. Design responsively–or better still–go for intrinsic web design using a latest tool like Toucaan.
  3. Optimize your web frontend for speed and performance. 🏎
  4. Use WebAssembly for heavier transactions if any. 💪🏻

Yes, we do. We provide the full sourcecode as a default.

We do not sell .app or .apk files (binaries) that may or may not be accepted at the app stores. While our sourcecode is fully open and battle-tested at scale, it can also be used as a starter app for full-blown app development in Swift or Kotlin.

Not a problem. We provide custom development directly over the repository on case-to-case basis. We can also connect you with app developers within our network.

A purchase of Red Goose mobile app is required for custom development.

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