Frequently Asked Questions

What is Red Goose?

Red Goose converts a website into a fully functional mobile app.

Can I publish my apps to the app stores?

Yes, absolutely! You can publish your app on the app stores as soon as you receive it. We support both iOS and Android platforms and here is a list of all the features & tooling that is available with Red Goose.

What do I need to create my app?

All you need is a website, an app name and a logo.

When will my app be ready?

We complete all orders within 24 hours.

The process of conversion is ~almost~ automatic. It can take a few hours for your app to build and the mail to arrive in your inbox. Keep an eye on your spam folder!

What will my app look like?

Your application will look and behave exactly like your website does. Only without the browser UI. What this usually means is that your web-app must be really well-designed and behave and perform in an "app-like" manner.

Are there any design guidelines to follow?

Yes, there are a bunch. Your web-app in mobile mode must follow the app store guidelines:

  1. App Store Guidelines @apple.
  2. Play Store Policies @google.

The "appier" the mobile view of your website is, the better are your chances of converting your website into a mobile app successfully.

☞ An Intrinsic Design Report

As an experienced developer in this space we can review your web application from the standpoint of a mobile app. With our Intrinsic Design Report (premium) you can confidently evaluate and make the changes on your web-app to succeed with its conversion.

Please note that not all websites can qualify the criteria of becoming an app.

How do app updates work?

Once approved on the app store no further updates are required on your app. Every change that you make on your web-app will reflect on your mobile app automatically.

How many times do I have to pay?

Only once per website per app.

  1. One iOS application = US $99/- only.
  2. One Android application = US $99/- only.

Purchase of a combo is automatically discounted.

*The prices shown above do not include the Apple Developer membership fee or the Google Play Console registration fee.

Do you provide Push Notifications?

Yes, we do.

Push notifications feature is available both for iOS and Android. Here is a full list of options that are available on Red Goose.

How will I receive my application?

Your application (source and license) will be delivered to you via a private Github repository and a notification will be sent to the email provided at the time of checkout.

What if my app is rejected on the app store?

Both Apple and Google require all new apps to meet their app store guidelines. Please take the time to review these guidelines before turning in your first app:

  1. App Store Guidelines @apple.
  2. Play Store Policies @google.

If your build was rejected by an app store, it will come along with a reason for such a rejection. This is the normal process. Simply make changes on your app to alleviate the issues highlighted by the app store and re-submit for approval.

Do you provide the source code of the app?

Yes, we do!

Red Goose is highly configurable and extensible and can be used as a starter app to develop a full-blown native app in Swift or Kotlin.

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