App Design vis-à-vis Mobile Web Design

Experience of a mobile app has always been different from the experience of mobile web. The immersive workflow, the unusal layout, and almost a minimalist's worldview of what is and isn't worthwhile inside of an app makes it a unique approach. Since a Red Goose mobile app draws all the style and experience straight from the mobile version of your web app, it only makes sense for us to recommend a design review of your mobile web's layout to make sure it looks and functions more like an app.

Depending on the line of business, sometimes this convergence can be difficult to achive. But thankfully, it is always possible.

One tip that we generally recommend everyhere is to skip responsive web design and use the "native" design language for your mobile web designs. We even created a brand new css framework to enable such implementations.

Toucaan CSS Framework.

In many ways, the success of your mobile apps on the app stores depends on the "appi-ness" of your mobile design. Your mobile web design and thus in turn mobile app’s design must "belong to" the device it has been developed for.

A design assessment may or may not be necessary for your app to be approved on the app stores, but a close review early on will surely help with your app's uptake. Highly recommended!

Intrinsic Design Report.

As the makers of the world's first intrinsic design css framework (see Toucaan), we can review your web application from the standpoint of mobile apps. Our premium Intrinsic Design Report will provide you a guaranteed path for a successful conversion as well.

The report will include an in-depth analysis of your existing web design, design and architecture recommendations, and may also offer functional alternatives including code snippets wherever necessary. Plus bonus tips for best experience off of a single codebase for the three platforms simultaneaously–the web, ios, and android app stores.

OTOH, if you are starting a new application today, we recommend using components of an intrinsic design framework like Toucaan (i.e. create custom CSS utilities that work like vstack/hstack etc. and serve via a CSS router) to tap into the intrinsic qualities of the medium. Go for the modern and contemporary "app-like" feel instead of the barely responsive with a traditional and old-school framework like Bootstrap, Tailwind or Bulma.

License Agreement:


License fee:

$7,500/- per app per report. One-time payment.

Time of delivery:

2-3 weeks from the date of order.

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